Last Minute Bride?

If your event has just happened, there is still time to get your flowers to us to have them professionally preserved. Other flower preservation methods, or do-it-yourself floral preservation methods can often times lead to disastrous results… If you would like to ensure beautiful, lasting results, you will need to get your flowers to us as soon as possible!!

Until you deliver your flowers to us, leave your flowers in the refrigerator.

Most of all ……DO NOT FREEZE!! your flowers.


If you’re in our local service area:

  • Call us and set up a time to have your flowers dropped off.
  • When you drop your flowers off you will need to fill out a reservation form, and a $165.00 deposit will be required at this time in order to start the preservation process.
  • You will then need to set up a consultation appointment within the next 30 days at which that time, you will need to bring in any memorabilia with you that you will want placed into your keepsake. We will place your order, you will select your frame display, and we will also go over design options with you. At this time, payment in full will be due.


If you live outside our local service area:

If you’re having a destination wedding…

  • After your event, you can ship your flowers to us overnight by UPS, FEDEX, or by US POST OFFICE which is the most economical way to overnight.
  • When you ship your flowers to us, you will need to fill out the reservation form and mail it in along with your flowers. You will also need to make your $165.00 deposit at this time. You can make this payment online on our website, or you can send a check or money order along with your flowers and reservation form. We must have your $165.00 deposit when we receive your flowers to start the preservation process.


Shipping Instructions:

Before you box your flowers up to ship, make sure to hydrate them first.

For bouquets arranged in green oasis holders, pour cool fresh water over the green oasis holder, giving the flowers a drink before you ship them.

For bouquets with open stems, cut 1” of the bottom of the stems, and wrap the stem with some drenched paper towels, then wrap the paper towels with tin foil to hold in the moisture.

  1. Find a sturdy box at least twice as large as your flowers.
  2. Securely tape (duct tape) 2 ice packs to the bottom of the box.
  3. Place tin foil over the top of the ice packs. You want to separate ice from flowers.
  4. Placed dry crumbled newspaper over the top of the tin foil.
  5. Mist the flowers with cool water then place them in a plastic bag (leave bag open).
  6. Place the flowers in the center of the box, and then place dry crumbled newspaper around the flowers.
  7. Place any paper items (invitation, registration form, check) inside a zip lock bag, and place them inside the box.
  8. Tape up the box and write FRAGILE and THIS SIDE UP along with your return address on the box.
  9. OVERNIGHT SHIP your box to:
    Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation
    8495 Corliss Road
    DeSoto, KS 66018
  10. Call us when you ship your flowers so we can be expecting your package: (913) 586-5126


If you have any questions, please contact us!