Flower Preservation

What is Flower Preservation? Flower Preservation is a combination of Science and Art. Here at Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation, we use a freeze drying process which involves: pre-treatment, freezing, primary drying, and secondary drying. While there are other floral preservation methods out there, only having your flowers professionally preserved will best achieve the beautiful, lasting results that you’re looking for.


How we go about preserving your wedding bouquet, funeral memorial flowers or other special event flowers…

Below are the steps outlining our flower preservation process from the time you give us your flowers, to your completed floral keepsake…

  1. Your bouquet or special event flowers are photographed from multiple angles upon arrival in our Design Studio.  We then make a complete list of all your flowers in your arrangement.
  2. Your bouquet or special event flowers are then disassembled before the preservation process can begin. This ensures that all moisture is removed from each flower. All items (invitations, ribbon, pearl pins, etc) are inventoried and stored.
  3. We then hydrate your flowers and carefully pre-treat and prepare the flowers for preservation, determining the best method for the types of flowers we received.
  4. We then place your pre-treated flowers into our commercial freezers where they will enter the preservation process that will normally take 2-3 weeks, depending on the flowers.
  5. After the preservation process is complete,  even though the flowers will retain their original shape and in most cases color, some flowers will deepen during preservation.  White flowers become creamy or more ivory,  and colored flowers deepen or intensify in color.
  6. We will now post-treat each flower with a shatterproof solution, so the flowers become more durable in the redesigning process.
  7. Now that the process is complete, we store your flowers into our climate-controlled storage,  awaiting final confirmation of your design.
  8. Once you have spoken with a Design Consultant and you have chosen your design, one of our  specialists will arrange your flowers into a keepsake frame of your choice. Any adornments (such as pearl pins, ribbon, and crystals, etc) are re-applied to your flowers. Keepsakes are displayed inside a virtually airtight keepsake environment when finished, an important feature which keeps your flowers away from everyday environmental conditions that may harm them over time.
  9. Now that your keepsake is complete,  it will await in our climate controlled environment until you pick it up, or until we ship it to you.


Please contact us if you have any questions… We look forward to preserving the flowers from your special event!

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