Your bridal bouquet or cherished memorial flowers preserved into the perfect floral keepsake.

At Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation, we care about helping our customers preserve the memory of a special moment or the memory of a loved one. Often times flowers play a significant role in making those occasions beautiful. With the professional freeze drying equipment and artistic skill necessary to create your flowers into a lasting keepsake, it is possible to cherish them for years to come in the form wall art, or even flower petal jewelry that you can wear.

Flowers preserved by a professional vs. preserving your flowers at home.

What’s the difference between having your flowers preserved by a professional and preserving them yourself? It’s like night and day. Professionally preserving your bridal bouquet or funeral memorial flowers will help ensure that they appear as you remember them on your special day – beautiful and alive. Trying to preserve them at home, however, will often result in a dry, browned and brittle mess. Let the professionals at Fantastic Blooms freeze dry your flowers – it will make all the difference!

Learn more about the team here at Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation.

Please take a few moments and explore our website, learn more about our staff and who we are. Fantastic Blooms is located in Desoto, Kansas, and services customers in Missouri and all through the United States. Feel free to contact us with any questions about helping you preserve your own special flowers… space is limited in our freeze-dryer, so be sure to try and make your reservation in advance. Thank you!